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  • Article by Ginny Marvin

AdWords Managed Accounts (MCC) Can Finally Share Account Negative Keyword Lists Across Accounts - Go

Create a single list of negative keywords that can be applied to campaigns within an MCC.​

According Ginny Marvin's report, Google has quietly added another perk for Managed Accounts: the ability to create and share negative keyword lists across accounts.

Maybe you’ve been laboriously adding the same lists of negative keyword accounts manually or using a script to automate cross-account negative lists. Now, for accounts in a managed account (formerly My Client Center, or MCC), you can set up a negative keyword list in the top-level Shared Library that can then be associated at the account level.

Once you create a manager account-level negative keyword list, you’ll need to apply it to campaigns at the individual account. Manager account-level lists show up in the Shared Library of each account with the label “Shared from a manager account.” Just like any other list in the Shared Library, click the check box next to it to apply it to campaigns within that account.

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