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How Do Instagram Story Ads Work? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

How do Instagram story ads work, wanders the author of this article Kellis Landrum? 

The world of marketing has evolved considerably in the past few years. A decade ago, Instagram was a startup, and there were very few brands that made use of Facebook and Google ads. With so little competition, you can imagine how groundbreaking even a simple video ad would have been at the time. 

These days, online ads are a dime a dozen, though. For your campaign to work, you need to consider factors such as ads placement and other technical issues.

If you’re targeting Instagram users, then one of the best ways to approach it is through Instagram stories. It’s a feature where you can share images or video snippets in a slideshow format that’s catchy and extremely effective.

Initially, stories were aimed at Instagram users who wanted to share quick snapshots of their lives. Unlike Instagram posts, stories automatically vanished after 24 hours, which meant far less commitment from the user to crafting a long-term profile.


It was also a way for Instagram to compete with Snapchat, which had a fast-paced user interface that was wildly popular.

After just a few months, several brands saw the potential of these stories. A full-screen ad that blends in with the user’s organic content was too good of a platform to ignore, and both big and small players became interested in the trend.

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