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Penalisation for personalisation: Google, dynamic content & SEO

Although the relationship between dynamic personalisation and search engines is anything but a happy marriage, it seems to be evolving in the right direction.

Do you remember those Christmas mornings as a kid, when you rushed downstairs, dizzy with excitement and nervous in anticipation of what Santa left waiting for you under the tree?

You tore through the snowman covered wrapping paper, your fingernails peeling back the final layers to reveal (gasp!) the perfect gift.

So perfect, in fact, that it was exactly the thing that you asked for when you wrote that letter to Santa weeks ago.

Now, rewind to that same scenario on another one of those frosty Christmas mornings.

Everything is the same, the excited frenzy, the great expectations. But this time, something changes. This time when you tear away the gift wrap, you are met with a sinking feeling of disappointment and betrayal. The gift that lays before you isn’t what you wanted at all. As a matter of fact, it’s just a sweater...

Original article by Tom Dibble,

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