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  • Article by Ginny Marvin

Google AdWords IF Functions Roll Out For Expanded Text Ad (ETA) Customisation - Yaaas, God!

IF functions arrive to let advertisers customize ads based on device and retargeting list membership, Ginny Marvin reports.

First, a moment of silence for the Standard Text Ad format that held on for 15+ years. Today marks the end. And with that, Google is rolling out AdWords IF functions globally to give advertisers the ability to customize their ads in much the same way ad customizers allow, but without the feed.

With IF functions, text ads can be tailored based on whether users are on mobile and/or are members of an audience list. For example, Frederick Vallaeys wrote in his column about using the IF function for mobile last fall, when the feature was first announced, as a way for advertisers who were running mobile-preferred Standard Text Ads to continue customizing ads for mobile users.

In the example below from Google, an If function is used to customize the description offer based on whether a user is in the advertiser’s “Cart Abandoners” retargeting list. If they on the list, users will see a “15% off” promotion; if not, they’ll get a “10% off” offer.

Want to learn more about the Syntax and formulas in order to use IF customisation in your ads? Click here and find out

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