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  • Article by Jason Puckett

The Anatomy of AdCopy Relevance: The New Google Standard

Columnist Jason Puckett discusses how today's most advanced advertisers are implementing sophisticated ad copy at scale across their accounts.​

Recently, enterprise-focused Google representatives have been encouraging a metric called “Relevance,” which is believed to be one of the three main factors that make up Quality Score. Relevance is a metric which evaluates how pertinent your ad creative is to your account structure and keywords.

At AdBasis, we have spent Q1 speaking with enterprise-level advertisers about changes being implemented to account structures and to ad units (creative) in order to improve their relevancy scores as recommended by Google. This often means that advertisers need to implement hyper-specific ads to every ad group in their accounts.

As a result, we have seen the demand for scaled ad implementations, ad unit management and creative optimization grow dramatically. This article is designed to give you a standard for what your creative should look like within every ad group. I’m going to dissect the anatomy of ad structure, showcase some best practices and provide some additional commentary.

Overall shift in the structure of enterprise accounts

AdWords accounts are growing larger and larger. I am not talking about overall spend — I am talking about the number of campaigns and ad groups within a single AdWords account. Whether you’re using Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) or something close to it, chances are the number of ad groups in your account has grown significantly. SEMs everywhere are hit with a new set of challenges related to this shift.

If your account has been evolving, chances are your existing creative is fragmented and unmeasurable; this is a major problem. One of the biggest challenges is the management, implementation, measurement and optimization of the associated ad units. And now, with Google’s new push for extremely granular ad copy relevance, your generic ad copy will no longer work.

So, what does a high-quality search ad look like? Find out here

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