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  • Article by Todd Saunders

PPC: 5 Successful B2B AdWords Best Practices For Any Company

For B2B businesses in competitive markets, AdWords can be difficult to manage effectively. Columnist Todd Saunders provides some tips that will keep costs low and boost Quality Scores.

1. Start with negative keywords

Homing in on the keywords that work for you is the single most important step for running profitable advertising for your company. The best way to do that is by answering the question, “What were the keywords that actually triggered my ads?” using the Search Terms report, and trimming the nonsense using negative keywords. In this case, there are two important exclusion categories.

2. Strategic remarketing

Remarketing is rewarding when done right. However, most companies fail to provide customization to make that coveted conversion as frictionless as possible.

3. Target your competitors’ customers with Gmail ads

There are over a billion users on Gmail — it’s like a California gold mine in 1849. Yet few advertisers are taking advantage. Here are a few pointers to mine those conversions.

4. Effectively challenge competitor keywords

If you’re not feeling Gmail ads, take the traditional route by targeting competitors’ keywords on the search network. One company that crushes this tactic is SEMrush, the ultimate keyword resource.

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