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#SEO #GOOGLE #ALGORITHM #UPDATE - Rumors Of A Google Search Algorithm Update Coming Soon. Who's

The SEO industry is a funny place in that we are constantly tracking Google updates as they are happening but at the same time, we are always trying to be one step ahead of them to know before they will happen. Like knowing when bad weather is about to hit, so you can prepare. It use to be easy with the Google Dance days and you had a few days to watch the dance happen and prepare - nowadays it is almost impossible to predict these things.

That is - almost. I've seen over the past few years, some people predict Google updates before they happen. At one point, I was convinced there was a mole in the Google office leaking this information. There were a few personalities that would say a week beforehand, expect so and so update to happen on a specific date. And then bam, the date would come around and either an unconfirmed or confirmed update would be rolling out.

Is there a mole? I don't know - I kind of doubt it. I suspect on any given day someone can claim there was an update. But these were bigger updates, that rocked the SEO world more than others.

Why do I bring this up now? Well, I am hearing rumors of an update about to touch down. In fact, someone mentioned those rumors I am hearing in the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread publicly saying "There seems to be rumours flying around that a big update is coming... anyone buying it at all? It is the right time of year tbf..."

We do know the Speed Update is scheduled for this month - but I suspect these rumors are unrelated to the Speed Update.

Should we brace ourselves for a major quality update this month? Are you hearing anything? As of right now, things are pretty unusually stable.

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