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How to Write Facebook Ads That Convert - #SocialMedia #Social #PaidSocial #FacebookAds #FB #Facebook

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Want your Facebook ads to move people to action? Looking for a framework to help?

In this article, you’ll discover how to develop and compose Facebook ad copy that converts and sells your products.

#1: Research Customer Needs and Preferences in Facebook Groups

Marketers often talk about how hard it is to get accurate customer research data. That’s because customers are usually too busy to fill out survey forms or simply aren’t interested.

But Facebook groups can come to your rescue here. You can join groups where your target customers hang out and strategically ask them questions. It’s a win-win for you and them. They’re participating in the group to network with their peers and are actually interested in joining conversations there. So when you ask them thoughtful questions, they’ll likely be inclined to respond to them.

With a Facebook group, you can take a peek into your customer’s mind for free and then take what you’ve learned to write attention-grabbing sales copy for your Facebook ads. Keep in mind that you need to ask questions that will help you gather information that reveals the best messaging to use in your Facebook ads.

If you go to multiple Facebook groups to ask similar questions (without being spammy, of course), you’ll get even more responses.

In this example, Victor Ijidola (an SaaS copywriter) wanted to gather information to help write ad copy for a software business that provides the same function as Google Analytics. He found a Facebook group with software business owners and marketers, joined in their conversations, and then posed a strategic question.

It’s important to ask the right research questions so you can understand what target customers want from a product like yours. The goal is to get accurate data and use that information to map out a customer profile that genuinely represents your ideal customer.

If you’re selling a social media management tool, for instance, you want to understand your prospect’s criteria for choosing their favorite social media management software. So ask questions that lead you to that answer such as:

  • What’s your favorite social media tool?

  • Why did you choose that tool over others?

Use relevant Facebook groups for customer research, find what your target customers need, and write copy that describes the solution for those needs. In the end, all of these tactics will improve conversions.

#2: Turn Your Research Into Facebook Ad Copy

Once you’ve done your customer research and identified key customer pain points, prioritize those pain points. Rank them from most to least important.

When you compose your Facebook sales copy, start with the most challenging customer pain point you’ve found. This approach will help you write intros that draw customers’ attention. The punchier the intro, the better it will attract the attention you seek from prospects.

Data-Based Facebook Ads

This Facebook ad copy from CoSchedule captures attention right from the get-go:

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