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Instagram Stories Ads: What Marketers Need to Know #Instagram #IG #InstagramAds #IGads #IGstories

Want more leads and customers from Instagram? Have you considered Instagram Stories ads?

To explore what you need to know about Instagram Stories ads, I interview Susan Wenograd on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Susan is a Facebook ads expert and the chief marketing officer at Aimclear, a marketing agency focused on paid search and paid social.

Susan explains why marketers should consider Instagram Stories ads and shares the best practices for creating good Instagram story ads.

Why Marketers Should Consider Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories is the fastest-growing ad placement on Instagram in both daily user interactions and ad inventory growth. There’s a lot of organic content on Instagram Stories but not as many advertisements. Thus, for the first time in a while, there’s some available ad inventory that hasn’t reached fever-pitch yet.

You tend to see lower costs on story ads and when done right, story ads also perform much better than feed ads. The placement offers a double benefit: There’s more inventory than demand and the inventory works very well.

In August or September 2019, Instagram beta-tested showing more than one ad back-to-back, which is a sign that they want to open up more inventory for this placement. Ads don’t play back to back every time and most users don’t notice they’re seeing more than one ad at a time. This speaks well of the experience; it doesn’t feel overly interruptive to users.

Because an Instagram story takes over the entire screen, it’s not competing with anything above or below it. It’s an immersive experience.

When story ads are done properly, they blend right in with the organic content and don’t feel as obvious or jarring as other types of ads.

To visualize this, when you’re scrolling through the Instagram feed, it’s often very obvious when something’s an ad. Users often scroll right past feed ads because they recognize the ad for what it is right away. When you’re watching a stream of stories, though, story ads are sandwiched between organic stories and it takes you a few seconds to figure out what you’re looking at.

That’s where the advantage is for marketers.

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