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12 Ways to Adapt Your Marketing in Times of Forced Isolation

I think we can all agree that it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, courtesy of COVID-19.

Every day, we face a new reality, adjusting the way we live and work, walking the line between precaution and panic.

Tensions rise along with the number of Coronavirus cases reported in the news.

We stock up on groceries, make sure that our loved ones are safe, and overhaul our daily routines.

We follow all the guidelines and hope to settle into a new normal.

And that’s when entirely new fears seize us

From Health Concerns & Social Distancing to Financial Anxiety

As if all these health worries weren’t enough, now we have to wrestle with economic woes.

I’m amazed at how fast the pandemic is ravaging our economy.

The stock market is plummeting.

People are losing their jobs.

A recession – that terrifying “R” word that we barely dare pronounce – is all but certain.

How do we adapt to that?

Our impulse is to run for cover – to drastically reduce all costs, including our marketing budget, in preparation for the worst.

Where Do We Go from Here? Read more here

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