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  • Article by Larry Kim

Google Removes Right Hand Side Ads Aftermath: Google’s New SERP Layout, The Biggest Winners & Lo

Worried about the recent changes to Google’s ad layout on desktop search? Don’t be! Larry Kim comes to you today with a simple message: Keep calm.

This change — which will see Google show up to four ads above organic search results and remove text ads completely from the right side of desktop search results — is a net positive for paid desktop search and PPC marketers. Yes, really.

Like Kevin Ryan, I’ve been urging people not to panic since this change started rolling out. Plenty of search marketers have overreacted and predicted certain doom, but there is no reason for you to do the same.

With Google, the only constant is change, and we’ve lived through and adapted to huge changes in the past and survived. (Enhanced Campaigns, anyone?)

As always, Google is a zero-sum game. For everyone who wins, someone must lose. In that spirit, I’ve compiled a list of the four biggest winners and losers as a result of Google’s new desktop ad layout so far, explains Larry Kim

Click below to discover winners and losers of this change:

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