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  • Article by Thomas Stern

Brand PPC Ads Are Getting More Expensive

Recent data shows branded-search costs have increased since Google's right-hand rail update. See how marketers can identify irregularities and improve PPC engagement.​

Article by Thomas Stern. Since the recent update to Google SERPs that removed ads along the right-hand rail, our paid advertising team at ZOG Digital has monitored changes in the performance of PPC ads and the resources required to maintain engagement rates.

Our client research shows that since the change to paid ad layouts, many branded PPC campaigns require additional bid increases to maintain positions and search engagement.

Below, we examine the possible causes of this adjustment to identify how marketers can diagnose irregularities and keep campaigns optimized for engagement.

1. What we’re seeing

We have been constantly studying auction insight reports, both before and after the right-hand rail change, to see how competition may have been affected. In conjunction with that data, we continuously monitor key performance metrics to identify how position changes may affect overall click volume.

From this, we observed that branded traffic is getting more expensive in order to maintain positions (February 7–16 vs. March 27–April 5). On average, CPC to maintain a top position for a branded search has increased more than 60 percent.

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