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#PAIDSEARCH #PPC #ADWORDS #GOOGEADS #GOOGLE #SEM - 4 Things to Do When Your PPC Campaign Isn't G

In his article Vikas Agrawal asks : "did you know":

*PPC visitors are 50 percent more likely to purchase from your site than organic visitors?

*Sponsored results account for 65 percent of clicks for keywords with high commercial intent?

*Half of your audience can’t tell the difference between paid and organic results?

With those mouthwatering stats, you might be worried if your PPC campaign isn’t generating leads and ultimately increasing sales for your business.

Click fraud might be a major cause of this.

Research from AdAge in 2015 showed that for every $3 spent on digital ads, click fraud takes $1. Further, a Marketing Week report forecasted that brands would lose $6.5 billion to ad fraud in 2017.

If click fraud is eating up your ad budget, this guide from ClickCease, recommends the following:

*Manually set up IP exclusions. *Run remarketing campaigns. *Adjust your targeting. *Use smart techniques like CAPTCHA security systems to throw off bots.

Or, best of all, you can use a click fraud detection and prevention tool to automate your battles with click farms and bots.

Click fraud detection tools use smart algorithms to identify fake vs. legit clicks, blocking flagged IP addresses from seeing your ads moving forward.

Otherwise, where click fraud isn’t the problem but your PPC campaigns are not generating leads, and you can’t find an automated solution to it like you would with click fraud, here’s what you should do.

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