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Efficiency & Effectiveness of Digital Marketing & Innovation for Nascent & Startup Busin

It was a great pleasure to be a guest speaker and one of the experts at the seminar and training course in Malta on Efficiency & Effectiveness of Digital Marketing & Innovation (2 – 4 May 2016) focusing on Start-up and nascent businesses. Teaming up with Dr. Mindaugas Lauzikas, Director at GILE Experts proved to be a great success for all the participants.

Timu Fokinas aka Google AdWords Hero , was giving a lecture on how to stay in the game with the help of Digital Marketing & Advertising. We have learned and discussed about the benefits of various digital marketing channels and strategies for the business which included Website, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), UX (User Experience), SEO, Content strategy, Social Media, Paid Search, E-mail Marketing, Video and Mobile Advertising and more. Based on the industry and goals we have developed bespoke digital marketing strategies for all of the participants which they will be able to apply in their businesses.

This time in Malta GILE Experts and Google AdWords Hero united experts from six service industries: Mobile Video Advertising Platform (gainspotter ), Apparel, large Mineral Hotel & Spa, Finance and Accountancy, Digital Marketing, & Education/Consultancy. Experts came from different countries such as Italy, France, Greece, Lithuania, the UK, Malta, and Hungary. This international learning environment contributed to 10 key findings:

1. In order to strengthen the competitive edge service companies need to continuously invest in new technology and R&D.

2. Nascent business are required to find niche and in c.a. 3-4-years’ period to start focusing on differentiation.

3. It is difficult to grow without cooperation, networking, partnership, open source innovation, and social interaction among stakeholders.

4. Exit strategies are ‘Must’, because innovative companies may rapidly become acquisition targets.

5. Monitoring models, business intelligence techniques enable companies to grow faster.

6. Do not underestimate the competition: after innovation diffusion we have imitation (be ready for copy cats)!

7. Digital marketing campaigns should fit well with your core business strategy.

8. Insufficiently innovative Human Resource Management may be a core reason of failure.

9. Social Innovation becomes an efficient marketing tool: use it wisely!

10. While listing your company on stock exchanges you open new horizons for expansion: technology-intensive services grow both, organically and structurally.

Thank you for all participants and GILE Experts, it was awesome! Check out the pictures below.

If you are interested to participate in similar training or seminar run by top industry experts around the globe, feel free to check out GILE Experts

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Timu Fokinas, PPC Consultant London, Google AdWords Hero
Timu Fokinas, PPC Consultant London, Google AdWords Hero

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PPC Consultant London, Google AdWords Consultant London, PPC Specialist London, AdWords Specialist London

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