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  • Article by Dianna Huff

ADWORDS: Google AdWords Keyword Match Types Explained; Manufacturers Edition

With much of AdWords' help documentation geared towards retailers, it can be confusing for manufacturers to figure out how best to utilize the platform. This guide to match types for manufacturers from columnist Dianna Huff can help.​

In a previous column, I addressed the challenges paid search advertising can present to industrial manufacturers who sell capabilities versus stock products.

Another challenge is the AdWords help files themselves. As an advertising platform, AdWords is geared more to retailers — when a platform uses common retail products to illustrate keyword strategies, it’s often hard to see how the example relates to keywords for complex manufacturing capabilities.

For example, under Basic Tips for Building a Keyword List, AdWords uses the example of men’s shoes:

If you’re a manufacturer offering a capability or products manufactured to engineers’ specifications for use in unique applications, it can be tough to come up with multiple basic categories if you’re thinking in terms of clothing items. “Well,” you might think, “we make precision machined parts,” or, “we electropolish stainless steel parts. I can’t think of another category.”

This confusion then carries over into keyword match type. “If you sell hats,” says one of the help files, then adding a “+women’s hats” will ensure your ads get shown.

“Errrr… but we do machining,” you’re thinking. “How do these matching options apply to us?”

Keyword match types — the “don’t hurt my brain” version

When you input your keywords into AdWords, you need to select the keyword match type: Broad, Modified Broad, Phrase, or Exact.

Keyword match types help control how Google searches will trigger your ads. If you match too broadly, your ads may get triggered by irrelevant searches, which can lead to costly non-converting clicks.

Match too tightly, and your ads may not trigger at all because of the dreaded “low search volume” message.

To facilitate understanding of match types for manufacturers just starting out in AdWords, I’ve used the analogy of print media advertising in the following examples. (PPC pros will know I’m taking some liberties using this analogy. But while it’s not perfect, it does communicate the main idea.)

All examples used are for illustrative purposes only. My agency has no relationship with any of the companies shown in the screenshots.

Read more about Broad, Exact and Phrase match types here Click here for a full article

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