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  • Article by Angel Niñofranco

#SEO #PAIDSEARCH #PPC #SEM #SOCIALMEDIA #ORGANIC - Which Digital Marketing Channel Has the Highest R

In today’s digital world, it is unthinkable for brands to disregard the power of internet marketing.

Leveraging digital marketing is essential not just for ecommerce sites but also local businesses and especially large enterprises.

That said, it is necessary to target the digital marketing channel that can bring the highest returns to your business.

If you’re looking to turn your website into a sales-generating machine, concentrating on digital marketing channels such as email, organic search, paid search and social media can help you achieve that goal.

We got curious as to which particular channel brings in the highest returns for our Twitter community’s websites. Here’s what they had to say.

Which Digital Marketing Channel Has the Highest ROI for Your Website?

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