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  • Article by Pauline Jakober

Improve your PPC in Just 25 Minutes This Week

In her article, Pauline Jakober asks, been ignoring your PPC account for a while? Or perhaps you’re onboarding a new PPC client that needs some immediate love? Pauline has got a plan for you…

In just 25 minutes, you can start mending the health of any PPC account, starting this week.

These tips will help you save wasted ad spend and boost efficiencies immediately while you work on a long-term plan in the background to re-launch a PPC strategy.Let’s have a closer look at the five steps in your new PPC regimen – each of which should only take about five minutes.

Step 1: slash wasteful ad spend

Step 2: audit conversions

Step 3: stop non-performers

Step 4: find the top ad creative

Step 5: review ad extensions

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