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  • Article by Larry Kim

Are Remarketing Lists For Search Ads the Future of PPC & Will RLSA Save the Day?

Paid search is a pretty awesome channel, but it’s not without its challenges writes Larry Kim.

As the chart below illustrates, the cost per click (CPC) in certain highly competitive verticals can get super expensive – we’re talking more than $100 per click in some cases, for industries like law and finance.

(This is Bing data in the image above, but it’s a similar story in AdWords.)

Another challenge is that conversion rates really haven’t changed much in 15 years, whether you’re selling washing machines or alarm clocks. It’s around 2.5%.

Finally, we know that desktop search query volume peaked in 2013 and that more searches are happening on the smaller, more competitive screens of mobile devices.

As marketers, we want to get more for less. We want more conversions and we want them to cost less so we can maximize our profits, right?

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