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CONTENT MARKETING | 103 Small Business Marketing Ideas To Help You Grow

Article by Adam Proehl

Whether you need to gain new customers or retain existing ones, here are 103 ideas designed to help you grow your small business.

As a small business owner, you’re probably already busy and have heard many marketing ideas that sound impossible (or, at least, very difficult) to implement.

It can be challenging to come up with proven ways to improve your online presence, build your email list, engage prospective customers in social, and drive measurable revenue.

In this column, you’ll find 103 small business marketing ideas designed to help you grow your business either through gaining new customers or retaining existing ones.

And you can actually execute these ideas on your own!

Keep reading for tactics you can use in your small business to create better and more content, grow your social presence, acquire and retain customers, and more.

Creating Content

If you’ve been paying attention, you know you need content.

It may sound intimidating, but you and your employees have the power to create powerful, relevant content with a basic smartphone.

Here are some easy examples:

1. Picture of staff member(s).

2. Picture of a new team member.

3. Picture of owner or boss doing something humorous.

4. Picture of new products being unboxed or stocked.

5. Picture of a happy customer (with proper consent, of course).

6. Picture of an office pet (if applicable).

7. Picture of a staff member enjoying a seasonal holiday gathering.

8. Picture of staff members in action (meeting, helping customers, stocking shelves, etc.).

9. Picture of a happy customer (along with a caption using an infinite number of apps that can do this).

10. Picture of new equipment (especially if it’s a home service company).

11. Picture of staff working on location (if it’s out in the field).

12. Picture of “behind the scenes.”

13. Memes made from your own pictures.

14. Video of a birthday or some other type of celebration.

15. Video announcement of a promotion, product, or special.

16. Video of a customer testimonial.

17. Video with some helpful advice the customer may find useful.

18. Video supporting a local cause.

19. Video showing off new products or services (30 seconds to a minute).

20. Video of the owner talking about the mission of the company.

21. Video interview with team members.

22. Assemble your pictures into a video (plenty of apps can do that).

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

With local newspapers on the decline, social media has become even more important because you’re likely to find your customers on one of the platforms.

The tips below are relevant regardless of the platform. Don’t let your biases or habits determine the social media platforms you use.

You may not use [insert Social Media platform name], but your business needs to have a presence if your customers do.

23. Post the pictures described above.

24. Post one of the videos described above.

25. Post a customer review.

26. Go live with a Q & A. Have seed questions prepared.

27. Go live at an event or party your business hosts or participates in.

28. Share good news from another local business.

29. Share a post from a local charity or non-profit looking for help.



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