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PPC | 9 PPC Mistakes That Impact Success

Article by Corey Morris.

Make sure your PPC campaigns are set up for success. Learn the top factors that can hold back paid search performance and how to address them.

Are your PPC campaigns performing at the highest level possible?

Maybe. Or maybe not.

It doesn’t matter what type of company you work with, their industry, or their size.

There are many specific mistakes that impact your PPC success. This article will highlight nine such mistakes.

Some of these PPC mistakes obvious, while others lead to hidden issues that are holding back the ultimate performance.

Note: this article won’t go through the Google Ads mistakes in fine detail here. If you’re looking for that, check out Susan Wenograd’s great work on that topic.

PPC Mistake 1: Not Defining Success

If you don’t define what success looks like, then you can’t make decisions that are objective and factual when you set up, manage, and measure your PPC campaigns.

Start with top-line business goals, marketing goals, or more granular goals.

Then work backward to get the point where you can see how PPC will impact the organization.

Get to the ultimate number of leads, sales, visits, impressions, or other key metrics that matter.

If needed, create a PPC media projection.

Work the numbers to make sure that you properly set budgets and performance expectations.

PPC Mistake 2: Not Understanding the Funnel

While priority one should typically be to turn on PPC efforts and capture the low-hanging fruit – bottom of the funnel conversions – that’s a shortsighted approach if you stop there.

It’s naive thinking that all of my website visitors are going to come to the site and convert on that visit.

Sure, there are some unique circumstances where high percentages will convert and certain keywords or display targeting will perform at a high level.

However, ignoring the rest of the funnel is leaving a lot of opportunities on the table.

Build out your funnel.

Use analytics, heat mapping, and UX tools to understand what the customer journey looks like.

Leverage PPC to open, support, and close the deal with conversions.

Put different values, budgets, and focuses on campaigns, ad groups, ad content, and landing pages for where someone is in the funnel.

Use remarketing to move them through it.

Go beyond just bottom-of-the-funnel direct response targeting.

Find out the rest of the key mistakes here Click here to learn more

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