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PPC | PAID SEARCH | AI-generated content in 2024: How to excel and where to exercise caution

Article by Andy Betts

The future of content strategy lies in harmonizing AI efficiency with human creativity. Learn how to achieve this balance today and beyond.

Google searches for AI content skyrocketed and have remained high throughout 2023 as businesses and creators tap into new opportunities to scale.

By March, 60% of writers already used AI in their work, a Hackernoon poll showed.

But while generative AI offers amazing content generation and optimization

opportunities, balancing its capabilities and limitations is essential.

Marketers are getting AI content right, from summarizing lengthy texts to crafting compelling social media copy.

However, as we approach 2024, examining where generative AI content falls short is equally important as where it goes right.

Issues such as misguided SEO research, factual accuracy, plagiarism risks and the absence of human expertise and reasoning are all in play – and they present risks and challenges for brands.

Where marketers are getting AI content right

When used right, generative AI can streamline processes, improve efficiency and even boost the overall quality of content.

Let’s explore key areas where marketers successfully leverage AI for content creation.

Summarizing long passages of text

One of generative AI’s significant advantages is its ability to quickly and accurately summarize lengthy documents, reports or articles.

This enables us to extract and share critical information with our audience.

Generating landing page copy, titles and meta descriptions

Creating compelling landing page copy and meta descriptions is crucial for SEO and converting traffic to customers.

You can use AI to analyze your core content and generate attention-grabbing titles, meta descriptions and landing page copy.

Creating social media copy for promotion

Promoting long-form content on social media platforms can be challenging, especially when you need to capture your audience’s attention quickly.

Use AI to craft engaging social media posts tailored to your target audience.

Extract key insights from long-form content and transform them into catchy captions and tweets to drive traffic to your in-depth articles or blog posts.

Enhancing storytelling with use cases and examples

Storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing and AI can take it to the next level.

Use it to craft relatable, persuasive stories showcasing the benefits of your product or service. It aids research by anticipating objections and questions.

Producing copy and title variations for testing

AI can enhance A/B testing with diverse copy and headline variations.

Consider analyzing existing content and audience preferences to create alternatives for emails, websites and ads. This enables you to test and improve engagement and conversion rates quickly.



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