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PPC | PAID SEARCH | PPC management checklist: Daily, weekly and monthly reviews

Article by Adam Proehl

Adam Proehl reminds us that paid search accounts can go sideways without regular monitoring. Here's a simplified PPC checklist for successful campaign management.

Despite the hype surrounding automation and machine learning, managing a PPC account requires human hands on the wheel.

If anything, all these capabilities make it more complex. So set and forget, but at your own peril.

No one truly understands this more than PPC pros who manage a diverse set of accounts – large and small – in B2B, ecommerce and serveral other industries.

Several of those pros were kind enough to offer their insights to be compiled into the following simplified PPC checklist for daily, weekly and monthly account reviews.

Daily account review

New campaign elements

Budget pacing

Any flags, disapprovals or other notifications

Weekly account review


Budget pacing


Search terms report

Abnormal performance spikes (up or down)

Display placements

Keywords / search terms

Device performance

CPC at an ad group level, adjust based on performance trends

Country performance (traffic spikes or performance variations)

Monthly account review

In-depth performance review and analysis

Client KPI metrics

Key trends

Auction insights report

Keyword research

Quality score audit

Ad copy audit

General deep data analysis

Let’s dig deeper into each item below.




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