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SEO | Google Reveals Top Searches Of 2021

Article by Matt Southern

Matt Southern reports, Google's yearly report of top trending searches reveals the most popular keywords and topics across different categories.

Google’s annual recap of the year’s top trending searches offers dozens of ideas for content publishers looking to capitalize on long-tail keyword opportunities.

Data on the top trending searches is published every year, which is interesting on its own, but you may find yourself asking “What can I do with this information?”

At first glance the data doesn’t have much to offer beyond satisfying general curiosity around what people are searching for in Google.

Take the overall top 10 trending searches in 2021, for example:

  1. NBA

  2. DMX

  3. Gabby Petito

  4. Kyle Rittenhouse

  5. Brian Laundrie

  6. Mega Millions

  7. AMC Stock

  8. Stimulus Check

  9. Georgia Senate Race

  10. Squid Game

There’s arguably not much you can do with that as a search marketer or content publisher.

Those are all huge topics, and the chances of ranking for any of them are slim at this point.

If you dig deeper, however, you’ll find the long-tail keywords people were searching for most this year.

You’ll find the questions people were asking — the things that searchers genuinely needed help with — and therein lies the opportunity.

Let’s go over some of those, and perhaps you’ll find a few ideas for your next pieces of content.

Note that these are all top “trending” searches, which means the keywords with the largest increases in search volume from 2020 to 2021. These are not necessarily the top searches across all of Google.

Google’s Top Trending Long-Tail Keywords Of 2021

Top ‘How To’ Searches Of 2021



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