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SEO | 25 Unique SEO Tactics That Deliver Big Results

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Article by Brandon Gaille

Wish link building could be a passive task?

Want to be guaranteed top positions on your most relevant keyword SERPs?

Looking for more ways to grab a place in featured snippets? Brandon Gaille asks.

Get closer to your goals with my top SEO tactics for link building, keyword research, and content optimization.

I have taught over 100 SEO growth hacks to tens of thousands of bloggers and marketing pros on my podcast The Blogging Millionaire.

I want to share some of these techniques with you.

These 25 unique SEO tactics have driven the most significant results to my blog and the blogs of my listeners.

Link Building Tactics

1. Create Highly-Linkable Original Research Posts By Polling Facebook Groups

It’s possible for any site, including single-person blogs like Backlinko, to get over 1,000 referring domains to their website by creating original research posts.

Original research posts are quick, simple reports of small studies that are written by the researcher that completed the study.

With Facebook groups, even a new blogger can create these highly-linkable content pieces.

  • Step 1: Find Facebook groups in your niche with over 1,000 members.

  • Step 2: Make a few poll posts that address compelling questions around a topic in your industry.

  • Step 3: Create a blog post revealing your findings and include plenty of images that visualize your stats.

I recommend writing 1 original research post every 90 days.

2. Write Posts On The Most Searched Industry Stats In Your Niche

Bloggers and reporters are constantly going to Google to find stats they can use in their articles.

You should write pieces of content for all the stat keyword phrases in your industry.

By creating a high amount of coveted content, your articles and blogs are more likely to be linked to by another blog or news site.

Pro Tip: Post titles containing the highest number and the current year in brackets tend to draw the most clicks.

Example: 50 Latest Pet Adoption Statistics [2022]

You can also internally link to these stat posts when you use a single stat in one of your own content pieces.

3. Get Passive Links Year-Round By Ranking Position 1 For Low-Competition Phrases

A study by Ahrefs looked at 10,000 non-branded keywords and found that position 1 on Google receives a median of 24 do-follow backlinks every year.

Most reporters are on a tight deadline, and they tend to grab their supporting information from the URL that ranks at the top of their organic search.

Build a passive backlink funnel by writing 50% of your posts on low-competition phrases that deliver position 1 rankings.

4. Do Interviews On Podcasts With High Domain Authority (DA) Sites

A podcast interview is one of the easiest ways to get high DA backlinks.

Once your interview goes live, the podcast publishes a show notes page on their site with a link back to your domain.

  • Step 1: Go to Apple Podcasts Charts to identify the top 300 shows in your niche.

  • Step 2: Eliminate all shows that have less than a 40 DA and do not interview guests.

  • Step 3: Go to the RSS feed of each qualifying podcast to find the email address of the host.

  • Step 4: Send the host an email with a pitch on how your interview will benefit their audience.

If you do not have the time to reach out to podcasts, set up a profile on to have the hosts come to you.

5. Promote Your Most Linkable Asset With Targeted Paid Ads

If you have a blog post that consistently gets organic backlinks, promote it to amplify your results.

  • Step 1: Check your backlink profile using your favorite tool.

  • Step 2: Discover which posts have the highest number of backlinks.

  • Step 3: Promote it with paid ads to get it in front of more people who may link to it from their websites.

The three ad channels with the biggest bang for your buck are Facebook, Twitter, and Google.



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